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      Ministries of all sizes strive to fulfill God's call to be the Body of Christ, and to reach and touch their communities and the world with the Good News. They develop ministries that have a powerful impact on people's lives, and members often give a great deal of their time, their finances and their talent to make a difference for Christ. Yet ministries need money to develop facilities, purchase equipment, run programs, pay workers, and reimburse travel costs.
     Even when ministry members are generous in their regular tithing and offering, the church budget may not be sufficient to pay for discretionary expenses, expansion opportunities, or special projects. So how can your church raise the most money in the best possible way?
      The most difficult part of generating funds for a Ministry might be choosing the right project to offer. Books of the BIBLE is designed to help assist a Ministry to generate needed funds to spread the Word of GOD. That is why I feel so strongly about Books of the Bible generating FUNDs kit. You will learn more about people in your Ministry and generate the needed funds to help spread the Word of GOD. Amen
It is important to have a clear purpose for generating funds, and to set a firm goal for how much money needs to be raised. "The first thing we ask is how much the Ministry wants to raise, and a start/end date for generating the funds," says Verna Bradley-Jackson. "You also need to make sure that there are no conflicts with special giving schedules with other Ministry groups in the church.”
Generating funds require carefully planned organization. Begin by selecting a project chairperson. "Select a chairperson for this project and then gather a committee," says Verna Bradley-Jackson, Ministry Generating Funds Specialist. Then, as you involve others to help organize the work and to market or sponsor the products, look for those who are excited about it and the impact it will have.
      With good business practices, challenging goals, organized teams, and a clear starting and ending date, successful Ministry can generate the resources to help fill gaps in ministry finances and take advantage of great opportunities. By selecting the right product for a clear purpose, people inside and outside of a congregation or ministry can become partners in advancing the Gospel.
      The Books of the Bible requires an initial investment by a church or ministry of $199.00. "Someone may want to donate the initial investment," says Verna. "Then there is zero cost to the church and profits result from every Book pledge." Another plus is that by adding a Church or Ministry name, the Books of the Bible becomes more personalized.

      This Book of the Bible generating funds kit will allow your church to collect $3,400.00. The pledges range from $12.00 to $169.00. Anyone may pledge to sponsor a Book of the Bible, either individually or in a group. Everything you need to have a successful project for your Ministry. Order your Books of the Bible generating fund kit.

In GOD’s Service Always,
Verna Bradley-Jackson

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